Quick Answer: What Things Start With Letter E?

What 5 letter word starts with E and ends with E?

Start With E and End In EWordLengthVowelsEmbrace73Elite53Elope53Erie4346 more rows.

What foods start with the letter E?

How many have you eaten?Eggs.Eggplant.Eel.Enchiladas.English Muffin.Elbow Macaroni.Escargots.Eggo.More items…

What is a fruit that starts with E?

Check your answers belowAAcai berry AppleApricot AvocadoDDamson DateDragonfruit DurianEElderberryFFigGGooseberry GrapeGrapefruit Guava21 more rows

What is a vegetable that starts with E?

EndiveEndive. The endive, a member of the lettuce family, is shaped like a bulb and has slightly bitter-tasting leaves that overlap each other.

What breakfast item starts with the letter E?

EEgg.Egg in the basket.Egg sandwich.Eggs and brains.Eggs Benedict.Eggs Neptune.Energy bar.English muffin.

What animals start with the letter E?

Animal List A to ZEagle owl (unidentified)Bubo sp.Elk, WapitiCervus canadensisEmerald green tree boaBoa caninusEmerald-spotted wood doveTurtur chalcospilosEmuDromaeus novaehollandiae44 more rows

What is a 6 letter word starting with E?

6-letter words starting with EEaddysEadieseadishEagenseagerseagledeagleseagleteagresEakers25 more rows

How many e words are there?

So we did. Cause we love you. Word Finder’s list of things that start with E – that’s 1649 words starting with E, or, for those of you keeping score at home, roughly 1 percent of the entire English language – is everything you need for a strong play every turn, every game.

What are 5 letter words that start with e?

5 Letter Wordseager6eagle6eagre6ealed6eales5eaned6eards6eared6More items…

What is a positive word that starts with E?

List of Positive Words That Start With EEffectEffectiveEnduranceExtendEasyEasygoingEnormourEnergyEnergeticEmpathyEmpatheticEarnEarthEaseEffort8 more rows

What drink starts with E?

Popular “E” Cocktail RecipesEarly Autumn (gin)Easter Bunny (vodka)Electric Iced Tea (gin, rum, tequila, and vodka)El Diablo (tequila)El Pepino (tequila)Embassy Cocktail (brandy)Emerald Isle (gin)English Christmas Punch (rum)More items…•