Quick Answer: What Is Similar To StumbleUpon?

Is there anything like StumbleUpon?

Mix (Web): StumbleUpon’s Official Alternative In a Medium post, StumbleUpon co-founder Garrett Camp said they were encouraging current users to move to their new platform, Mix.

Browse around and you’ll find that Mix is like an organized version of StumbleUpon..

Does StumbleUpon still work?

After launching in 2002, website discovery platform StumbleUpon is shutting down on June 30. Over its existence, the service racked up 60 billion stumbles for 40 million users, cofounder Garrett Camp wrote in a Medium post this week.

What is StumbleUpon now?

StumbleUpon was a discovery and advertisement engine (a form of web search engine) that pushed web content recommendations to its users. … On June 30, 2018, StumbleUpon was shut down in favor of a new discovery platform called Mix.

Why did StumbleUpon shut down?

The explosion of online content and people’s changing internet habits ultimately led to the site’s demise — ironically at a time when we need something as simple and unfiltered as Stumbleupon the most. Happy stumbling no more. Stumbleupon shuttered recently after 16 years of bringing tailored content to users.