Quick Answer: What Does NB Stand For?

How do you write NB files?

Nota bene which translates as ‘note well’.

When you want the reader to pay close attention to something.


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Nota bene is always abbreviated with capital letters, e.g.


What does DIY mean sexually?

If somebody identifies as being into D/s, or having a D/s relationship, then they probably include power play in their sex life, and perhaps in other aspects of their relationship. People can identify as dominant, submissive, or switch (which means that they are sometimes dominant and sometimes submissive).

Does NB mean no bother?

0. Nb means no bother. There is also an other similar that is np which means no problem 💋

Does NB have full stops?

But once you’re in a position to be able to tell people what to do, “e.g.”, “n.b.”, etc. will make the best sense. But even if you aren’t in a position of power, you can refuse to call the things “dots”: in this use they are “full stops” in British English, and “periods” in American English.

What does V ENBY mean?

In the LGBTQ community, an enby is a nonbinary person. It’s a phonetic pronunciation of NB, short for nonbinary, or people who do not identify their gender as male or female.

What is NB in Lgbtq?

NONBINARY A person who identifies as neither male nor female and sees themselves outside the gender binary. This is sometimes shortened to N.B. or enby.

What does NB mean in shoes?

New Balance Athletics, IncNew Balance Athletics, Inc. (NB), best known as simply New Balance, is one of the world’s major sports footwear and apparel manufacturers.

What does NB stand for on food?

No Brown. Forum, Oven. NB. Nutritional Balancing. Medical, Health, Nutritional.

Whats does NB mean?

From the Latin expression nota bene meaning ‘note well’.

What does NB mean sexually?

Non-Binary: The umbrella term covering all gender identities and expressions outside the gender binary. Also referred to as NB or enby. Third Gender: Having a gender identity or expression that is not defined in terms of the binary options (male/female, masculine/feminine).

What does 78 mean sexually?

CRIMES ACT 1900 – SECT 78. Meaning of sexual servitude and sexual services for pt 5. (1) In this part: “sexual services” means the commercial use or display of the body of the person providing the service for the sexual gratification of others.

What is PS mean?

post scriptumA postscript (P.S.) is an afterthought, thought that’s occurring after the letter has been written and signed. The term comes from the Latin post scriptum, an expression meaning “written after” (which may be interpreted in the sense of “that which comes after the writing”).

Why is ENBY not NB?

Enby was invented by non-binary people as a shortened form of non-binary; it’s a phonetic pronunciation of the initialism NB, for non-binary. … If we continued to use “nb” for ourselves, people would start reading “NBPOC” as nonbinary people of color (who also exist!). “Enby” was created to avoid using NB.

How do you use NB?

The abbreviation N.B. stands for nota bene, which literally translates as “note well,” although in practice you can read it as “pay attention.” It is used in endnotes or footnotes to call the reader’s attention to a particularly important piece of information-such as a key assumption of or exception to an argument-that …

What is full form of NB?

Often abbreviated as NB, n.b., or with the ligature. , the phrase is Latin for “note well” and comes from the Latin roots notāre (“to note”) and bene (“well”). It is in the singular imperative mood, instructing one individual to note well the matter at hand, i.e., to take notice of or pay special attention to it.

What is NB mean in email?

nota beneNB, meaning Note Well. Abbreviation of Latin nota bene. Used before a piece of important information to make readers notice it.

What does NB mean in a text?

nota beneIn writing*, N.B. is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase nota bene [NOE’-tah BAYE’-nay], which when translated into English means “note well.” It is used in formal writing to call the reader’s attention to a sentence or passage that accompanies it in the text.

What does NB mean on Snapchat?

Not Bad”Not Bad” is the most common definition for NB on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. NB. Definition: Not Bad.