Quick Answer: How Do I Stop PUBG Time Limit?

How many hours should I play PUBG?

Depends if you are a professional PUBG player then you have to play at least 10 to 12 hours a day.

If you are playing casual then 2 hours should be sufficient (even for pushing league/rank.)..

How many hours can I play PUBG in a day?

6 hoursPUBG Mobile players from India can now only play the battle royale game for 6 hours per day. This news comes after the game was banned in many cities in India and a lot of people were arrested for playing the game.

How do I get rid of PUBG ban?

Here are the steps to unban your PUBG Mobile account:Login to your Gmail account or any other mail service.Compose a new mail and type ‘PUBGMOBILE_CS@tencentgames.com’ in the sender address.Appeal your suspension of the account by explaining your issue in the body of the e-mail.More items…•

Will I get banned if I use VPN in PUBG mobile?

The use of a VPN is not a violation of the PUBG Mobile Terms of Service. However he mentioned NEVER to play while being on a VPN as it might trigger the use of a Third Party Application Ban. … Now it is entirely clear that you will not be banned for using any VPN Tricks to get Free Rewards from other regions.

How do I remove time limit on PUBG?

Ask your friend to request you to join in his team l. This request will appear on the top of the message and once you click yes , you’ll be moved to lobby along with your friend once he pressed Start game. Please note that you may still see the blocking message till your friend starts the game.

Why does PUBG stop after 2 hours?

It is said that PUBG MOBILE is throwing up a reminder after two hours of continuous gameplay. Once ignored, the game will again throw up another reminder to take a break from the game. If ignored once again, then PUBG MOBILE will throw up a ‘Health Reminder,’ blocking the player for a limited period of time.

Which VPN is best for PUBG?

Read on to find out more about the best VPNs for playing PUBG online:ExpressVPN. Apps Available: PC. Mac. IOS. … CyberGhost. Apps Available: PC. Mac. IOS. … NordVPN. Apps Available: PC. Mac. IOS. … IPVanish. Apps Available: PC. Mac. IOS. … PrivateVPN. Apps Available: PC. Mac. … Surfshark. Apps Available: PC. Mac. … Hotspot Shield. Apps Available: PC. Mac.

Can VPN ban PUBG?

Whenever a player starts a game with a third-party application, it triggers the hack detection system and can bring about the ban. Hence the use of VPN is not recommended in any situation. … Notably, starting any mode with a VPN could lead to a ban for the usage of a third-party application.

In which country PUBG is ban?

Earlier this month, Pakistan too banned PUBG on the grounds of addictive nature of the game that is detrimental to the player’s health. For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Read more on Latest Viral News on India.com.

Is there any time limit for PUBG?

The popular battle royale game warned users of playing for six hours and barred them from playing further. … PUBG Mobile players started sharing screenshots of the health reminder which says, “You’ve played the game for 6h today. Please come back at 2019-03-23 05:30:00”.

What happens if we play PUBG more than 6 hours?

Multiple PUBG players have taken to Twitter to report that the mobile version of the game issues a health reminder after 6-hour usage and then stops working.

Can we play PUBG more than 3 hours?

The reminder barred these players from playing the game more in a day. … So, as per this notification, you could not play PUBG Mobile for more than 6 hours a day and only get the chance to play it again next day at 5:30am. But some were barred from playing after they had played for only 3 hours a day.