Quick Answer: Can I Watch Box Office Without DStv?

Is Box Office available on DStv now?

Who qualifies for BoxOffice.

BoxOffice is exclusively available to active DStv Premium customers with active PVR subscription on the HD PVR (2-tuner, 4-tuner) and EXPLORA decoders..

Can I watch box office on my phone?

FAQs: Sky Sports Box Office – app and website. What is it? With Sky Sports Box Office, you can watch all the fights live from selected Box Office events via your PC/Desktop/MAC, NOW TV Box, NOW TV Smart Stick, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.

How does the box office work?

A box office or ticket office is a place where tickets are sold to the public for admission to an event. … Box office business can be measured in the terms of the number of tickets sold or the amount of money raised by ticket sales (revenue).

Do you need a Sky account for box office?

Watch the biggest boxing fights live through your NOW TV Box or NOW TV Smart Stick with the Sky Sports Box Office app. … You don’t need a Sky Sports Pass – Box Office events aren’t included in any of the Sky Sports Passes, and need to be bought separately.

How much does it cost to watch Fury fight?

Fury 2 fight costs $79.99 on pay-per-view. The fight can be purchased through ESPN+, Fox Sports Go, or via most major cable and satellite providers.

How do I credit my DStv box office account?

You may also pay for the BoxOffice Service by credit card via the secure PayU payment gateway. We accept Visa or MasterCard credit cards. You can also top up your account via the BoxOffice website using your credit card.

Do you need Internet for DStv box office?

Can I download BoxOffice movies and watch them offline? No. You can continue to enjoy BoxOffice movie rentals by streaming them online, or watch on your DStv Explora or PVR from the comfort of your couch.

How do I access my DStv box office account?

Sign Up. Press the GREEN button on your DStv PVR remote and SMS your on-screen smartcard number to 37569, or link your smartcard online, to get a BoxOffice Account.

Is Box Office free on DStv premium?

That’s right – from 18 May 2020 to 30 June 2020, DStv PVR Premium customers will receive four movie credits to rent any four of the latest BoxOffice movies at absolutely no cost to you! Each week, BoxOffice will add a free movie to your account.