Question: Is Professor A Gazetted Officer?

Where can I find gazetted officer?

Class 1 Gazetted officerOfficers Of Armed Forces, Magistrate & Above In Judicial Services.Scientists (In Govt.

Vice-Chancellor To Assistant Registrars, Principals & Faculty Members Of Central & State Universities.Central & State Govt.

Doctors, Engineers & Drug Controller (Govt., Central & State Services).

Is ISRO scientist gazetted officer?

ISRO scientist ‘SC’ is a Group A (class 1) Gazzeted Officer under pay scale of level 10 of central government of India. All India services like IAS IPS IRS IFS etc from civil services , ISRO,DRDO,BARC scientists are all Group A Gazzeted Officers under same pay scale of level 10.

Is polytechnic lecturer a gazetted officer?

Lecturer at Polytechnic is a Gazetted Group B post. … If the post is notified by the Govt as Gazetted then only it becomes Gazetted Post . In some of the states Polytechnic teachers are not Gazetted only College Lecturers are Gazetted in some states . You have to verify from state govt .

Can I do PhD from IIT?

Most of the IITs now offer Direct Phd as well as Phd after your masters. For direct Phd: After completing your Bachelors degree in relevant field you are required to appear a National Level Competitive Exam (GATE, JAM, CSIR etc). with 75% marks in bachelors or a CGPA of 7.5 or above.

Who is Class 2 officer?

Class I and II (Gazetted) belong to the class of officers whose transfers, appointments, promotions and superannuation are published on a yearly basis in the official gazette of State or Union Government. These officials belong to the managerial or highest class of government servants.

Which IIT is best for PhD?

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi is ranked 4th among the PhD universities in India and a world rank of 172nd among all the institutes of the world. The Institute scored the second highest marks after IIT Bombay in Academic Reputation and Employer Reputation.

What is the salary after PhD?

PhD Student SalariesJob TitleSalary[object Object] – [object Object]₹32,247/mo[object Object] – [object Object]₹34,140/mo[object Object] – [object Object]₹34,823/mo[object Object] – [object Object]₹30,893/mo16 more rows

What is the salary of a PhD professor?

Salaries of PhD professors can range from $50,000 to around $150,000, according to PayScale.

Is principal of school a gazetted officer?

The principal of government school is covered under the Class II category of Gazetted officer. The principal of a government college is covered under the Class I category of a gazetted officer, and Headmaster of Government college is also regarded as gazetted officers.

Is Postmaster a gazetted officer?

Yes the postmaster is considered as the gazetted officer of Central Government. he is a powerful officer and in charge of the entire post office. He is the incharge of and custody in of money and other valuable thing of Government of India which are deposited in post offices.

Who are all Group B officers?

Group B Gazetted Officers include:Section Officers.BDO (Block Development Officers)Tahsildars.Junior Doctors in Government Hospitals.Assistant Executive Engineers.Lecturers in Government colleges.Headmaster of Government high schools.2nd Lieutenant to Major.More items…

Is Bank Manager is a gazetted officer?

BANK MANAGERS: GAZETTED OFFICERS? They are non-gazetted officers because their appointment is not made by the President or by the governors of the state. They are appointed by an agency or a company. Even in the case of government banking companies, the ownership of government is not 100 per cent.

Is IIT professor a gazetted officer?

IIT Professors are not gezetted officers as their appointment is not notified in Central or State Government gazette notifications except for the Director who is a Central Government appointee. IIT like other Universities is an autonomous University and have their own service rules and notifications.

Is Associate Professor a Class 1 officer?

Lieutenant and above in Indian Army, members of All India Services, though posted to states; State Government Services (selected through Public Service Commissions in States) or promoted public servants/ officers from states to the cadre of Assistant Commissioner or above and to the cadre of All India services; …

Is MBBS doctor a gazetted officer?

Yes, any government doctor or for that matter any government official is a gazetted officer. Yes MBBS Doctor is a gazetted officer if he works under govt. Service either central or state. … If the MBBS is appointed as a Civil Assistant Surgeon in the Government, he/she becomes a gazetted officer..

Is revenue inspector a gazetted officer?

That’s why they are called Gazetted officer!!!!! The lowest rank of Gazzetted Officer include Under Secretary, Medical Officer,Assistant Engineer, Accounts Officer, Legal Officer, Revenue Officer,Audit Officer, Veterinary Officer etc… Basically any item followed by officer is a gazetted office most probably …

Is government college professor a gazetted officer?

A lecturer in a government college is a gazetted officer. Teachers working in a government school are not gazetted, officers. Though their appointment is made by the government, they are not above the grade pay required to be covered under Class II.

Who comes under gazetted officer?

Group A Gazetted Officers include:Police officers (Circle Inspector and above)Principals of Government Colleges and above.Readers and above of Universities.Additional District Civil surgeons.Executive Engineers and above.District Medical Officer and above.Lt. Col and above.Patent Examiner.More items…