How Can I Get My Old Reliance CDMA Number?

How can I recharge my Reliance CDMA number?

Visit and click on the ‘Personal Banking’ section.

Under ‘Pay/View Online’ select Quick Pay Bill.

On the page displayed, choose Reliance CDMA as your Mobile Recharge service and click on ‘Submit’.

In the new screen that appears, enter your data card number and your recharge amount and click ‘Submit’..

How can I get a UPC code without network?

Originally Answered: How can I get my UPC code if there is no Aircel network? You have to visit the Aircel website and there you have to enter the SIM card number(number printed on SIM card) and the company will provide you the port out code.

How do I know if my SIM card is deactivated?

put the SIM into one of your phones… if it picks up a signal, then it’s active. if it shows nothing, then it’s been deactivated, or maybe might say “Sim registration failed” or something to that nature. If its more than 120 days after the validity period of your last refill, ur sim will most likely be deactivated.

Is Reliance Jio a CDMA or GSM?

Plans and packs. Reliance is the only Indian company that offers both GSM and CDMA operations.

How can I get my old Reliance number?

Go to any local recharge shop, ask them to check if your old number is not allocated to anyone. They can do this by sending an SMS to every telecom company. If you’re lucky, they will receive an SMS stating that you can give this number to anyone, or it’s free at this time.

How can I recharge my reliance number?

Online Recharge Reliance GSM mobile and Reliance GSM data cardHow to Recharge Reliance GSM prepaid online?Visit JRI or and avail quick Reliance GSM online prepaid recharge.Register yourself and Sign-in.Enter mobile number.Select your preferred recharge plan / etop-up amount.More items…

How do I charge my Jio CDMA phone?

Steps to Recharge Your Jio Mobile on FreeCharge (via our Android/iOS App)Select Mobile under the Prepaid option.Enter your Jio prepaid mobile number.Select your preferred Plan.Select your payment option and pay.You will instantly get your top-up recharge.

How do you activate an expired SIM card?

How to Reactivate an Old SIM CardRemove the SIM card from the handset.Write down the numbers that are printed on the SIM card. … Contact your wireless provider to activate your SIM card. … Give the IMEI number and SIM card number to your customer service agent.Put the SIM card back into your phone and replace the battery and cover.

Can you reuse a deactivated SIM card?

You need a new SIM. Once a SIM has been deactivated, it cannot be reactivated.

Do SIM cards expire if not used?

Each SIM stays active for 60 days, after which it goes inactive. There is then a 60 days grace period, however, if you do not top up within this time the SIM will expire.

How can I reactivate my reliance SIM?

The SIM is likely to get activated by 1 to 2 hours. Though in some cases, the SIM has taken up to 4-5 hours for activation. So the users are requested to practice patience. For enabling of data, one needs to dial 1800-890-1977 Toll-Free number from any mobile number as mentioned in the user’s Reliance Jio SIM’s form.